Thankyou - $4.5 million raised!


Thanks to the courage, commitment and passion of our Knight-Riders and your generosity, collectively we raised $27,500 contributing to the $4.5 million raised for the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, WA.  

See what some of the Knight-Riders had to say about the grueling 208km ride;


"So it's official! I actually made the 200km bike ride without the help of a car! Finishing the ride was not only a massive personal goal but I am so proud to know that as a team we raised over $27,000 for cancer research. Thank you to everyone who donated to me, it really means a lot. I now plan to soak in a bath for at least 10 hours and I have pains in places I didn't even know could hurt this much." Tahnee Speedy Gonzales Pitman


"DONE! 208 kms ridden on a bike in support of cancer research accomplished. Only had one leg working at the end but made it All the Way!!!" Austin All the Way Olsen


"One mans pain, is another mans gain. This weekend, I put my body through unthinkable pain. I surprised myself with riding 208km for hope in Ride To Conquer Cancer. Day 1 in 30° heat taking 6 hours & killing Day 2 in 4.5 hours in crazy head on winds. So many times I cried to give up, but the support from my friends, blood & work family, riders & everyone who cheered us along the route the entire way! Hopefully, yet hopefully not, this effort helps the loved ones around me in their time of need" Jessica You Wont Catch Me Tanner


"I can proudly say I've now completed a 208km ride over the past 2 days with barely any training! Not once did I get in the support car, walk up a hill or give up! Somehow I managed to stay on the bike the whole way with no new injuries! Not only did I ride the whole 208km but I've raised $2880 and as a team we have raised over $27,000 for Cancer research!!!! GO THE KNIGHT RIDERS! Thank you to everyone who has supported me along way, I will still be fundraising until the end of November so please don't forget to donate! It's been one of the hardest things I've ever challenged myself to do and I couldn't be any happier with my result!" Kristy Leggin it Leggat


We are so proud of our Knight-Riders,  not only have they contributed to ground-breaking, critical cancer research,  they have successfully achieved their goals as a team.    

The Knight-Riders are collecting donations until the end of November.  Click Here To Donate


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