Meet our Knight-Riders - Jessica "You won't catch me" Tanner



Meet Jessica "You wont catch me" Tanner , one of our awesome Knight-Riders who will be taking on the Ride to Conquer Cancer this October; 

Why do you want to be a part of the Ride to Conquer Cancer?

To help raise funds for cancer research and prevention

How often do you ride?

I don't.  I can barely drive, it is safer for everyone this way. 

What are you most worried about doing this 200km ride?

Falling flat over the handle bars and creating a domino effect of knocking everyone else off too. 

How are you training / preparing for this ride?

Tour De Fridge

How do you think the Knight-Riders will go as a group?

They see us rollin' ... they hatin'... pedaling & trying to catch us riding dirrty.



Good Luck Jessica! Hopefully the Tour De Fridge trains you well!   Contribute to this history-making event with a donation to Jessica. Funds raised in The MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer® will support ground-breaking, critical cancer research being undertaken at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, Western Australia’s premier adult medical research institute, investigating the genetic and environmental causes of a range of diseases.

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