Ladies, are you covered?


Trauma cover for Women

Life is full of uncertainties. Even if you take good care of yourself, some things will always be out of your control. How would you cope financially if you suffered from a serious medical condition? A lump sum payment upon diagnosis will ensure you can focus on your recovery, without financial worry.

Consider this…

In Australia, four times as many women die from coronary heart disease than from breast cancer. The symptoms for heart attacks in women are more easily overlooked than those experienced by men. So recognizing the symptoms and acting quickly could be lifesaving.

Common symptoms in women experiencing a heart attack include:

·         Ache or pain in the upper back, jaw or neck
·         Sudden difficulty breathing
·         Sudden overwhelming fatigue or weakness
·         Flu-like symptoms: nausea, vomiting, cold sweats
·         Sudden anxiety, malaise and loss of appetite

The Solution is simple

Trauma Cover will provide you with a lump sum benefit of up to $2,000,000 if you are diagnosed with one of 44 specified medical conditions and for a sickness, survive 14 days from diagnosis, irrespective of whether or not your ability to work is impacted.

Cover options to suit you

You may hold Trauma cover as a standalone policy or link it to your Life and/or TPD Cover. Trauma Cover cannot be held inside super, but you can hold it outside super and flexi link it with your Life and/or TPD Cover inside super.
Trauma Cover can be even more important for women who choose to stay at home to care for children and the home. Women who aren’t paid employment aren’t eligible for income protection insurance. Trauma cover isn’t limited to those earning an income.
To learn more about Trauma cover talk to your financial adviser today 1300 656 001 or click here for further information. 

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