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Digital technology has dramatically changed the way we educate our kids. For most high school and many primary school students an electronic device is a standard item on the book list just as HB pencils were for us. Bring your own device (BYOD) makes back to school an expensive exercise. Parents are already thinking about the laptop computer or tablet ipadthey will need purchase for their child to use next year. However, kids and expensive devices are not always a good mix.

Kids and their Devices

When electronic devices were first introduced to schools, many parents opted to lease a device through the school program. Now that the technology has been around for longer, more parents are choosing to buy their child’s device outright.

But kids will be kids. They might understand that their electronic devices are expensive for mum and dad to purchase but that doesn’t mean they won’t damage or lose them!

Most kids don’t look after their possessions as their parents would like. In the early years it was a good day when the school jumper came home and a few short years later we need to trust them with a piece of equipment that is worth more than their life savings.

Insurance for Electronic Devices

What some parents don’t realise is their home and contents insurance doesn’t cover electronic devices when they are away from home. They find out the hard way that they don’t have insurance cover when their child lost or damaged their device going to and from school.

Other parents have a list of questions for their insurance broker about the cover they need for their kid’s computer. Here we’ll answer some of the most common questions we’re asked.

What do most people cover their electronic devices for?

Parents want to ensure they have cover for accidental damage, theft or loss of electronic devices away from the home.

Do electronic devices need their own separate insurance policy or can I include the device under an existing policy?

Yes, it is possible to include your kids’ devices on a home contents policy. The policy can be changed to include listed items taken away from the home.

What if my child forgets to put their device in its protective case and its damaged in their school bag?

If your insurance policy has an accidental damage extension, then you are covered.

Will the device be repaired or replaced if damaged?

This usually depends on the extent of the damage. After a review of the damaged item, the insurer will decide if the cost of repairs is too high and the item should be replaced.   

I’m handing down my laptop to my child, can I still get insurance on a used computer?

Yes, the device doesn’t need to be brand new to gain insurance for it.

Do I need proof of purchase to make a claim?

Yes, many insurers will need to see a copy of the receipt to complete the claim. Take a photo or copy of the receipt in case it deteriorates and file it somewhere safe in case you need it.

If you have any questions about insurance for your child’s electronic device, contact one of the experienced consultants at Knightcorp on 1300 656 001 or send us a message.      

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