Meet our Knight-Riders - Tahnee "Speedy Gonzales" Pitman



Meet Tahnee "Speedy Gonzales" Pitman, one of our awesome Knight-Riders who will be taking on the Ride to Conquer Cancer this October; 

Why do you want to be a part of the Ride to Conquer Cancer?

I never thought cancer would really affect my life, it wasn’t something I even considered would happen to someone I know. When I found out my dad had cancer I didn’t know how to react, it came out of nowhere and it was a huge shock. The word cancer itself scared me but even worse was the fact there was nothing I could do about it. 

It made me realize that there are people who go through that every day and a lot of the time the outcome isn’t as positive as what my family and I went through. It was a horrible feeling while we were waiting to see what the outcome would be and I hate the thought that there are so many people having to go through that.

So the reason I am doing the ride is because I know it will raise money for something that is so prevalent in the world today. Even though I am going to really struggle during this ride, it is nothing in comparison to what sufferers and the families go through. 

How often do you ride?

I don’t…. I never have.. even when I was little I was always sitting on someone’s handle bars I would never ride my bike. 

What are you most worried about doing this 200km ride?

The fact that it is a 200km ride! I know I am going to struggle a lot doing this ride and my biggest fear is stopping for a drink and not being able to keep going! I have the picture in my head of me being at the back of the pack just plodding along trying to make it to the end. But as long as I get to the end I don’t mind!

How are you training / preparing for this ride?

I first of all had to remember how to ride a bike and after that I have been going on rides around the river. I have 8 weeks until the ride and I am aiming of increasing the distance on my training rides each week. So far I have done three 10km rides, so it is time to step it up a bit.. or a lot!  

How do you think the Knight-Riders will go as a group?

I know I am going to need them to help me get to the finish line so I am counting on them!  As long as they help their weakest link (being me) I think as a group we will actually be quite strong in the ride. If all else fails at least it will be some fun doing something together as a team that is a bit different to our usual work. 

Good Luck Tahnee, we are sure your Dad is very proud of you!  Contribute to this history-making event with a donation to Tahnee. Funds raised in The MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer® will support ground-breaking, critical cancer research being undertaken at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, Western Australia’s premier adult medical research institute, investigating the genetic and environmental causes of a range of diseases.

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